Hospital Groups

KIM has worked within Wrexham Maelor Psychiatric services since 2006.  We currently offer group work in the Heddfan Unit of Wrexham Maelor Hospital as well as providing a link to community activities when women are discharged. 

Our work encourages the promotion of healthy behaviours and lifestyles through group activity.  The groups help patients to socialise, build confidence, and maintain self esteem whilst in hospital.  It is complementary to the work undertaken by hospital staff but is done in close collaboration with them.  The groups offer a chance for patients to try new things and learn new skills such as sugar craft or knitting, and they also promote skills that are transferable to home i.e. cooking, managing finances, gardening, etc.

Whilst attending the KIM group patients feel confident to talk to KIM staff and volunteers about anything that is worrying them.  Our staff signpost patients to community agencies which help women deal with non-medical problems.

“Attending the KIM group is the only time I go 2 hours without going outside for a cigarette.”

The group work undertaken in the hospital enables women to link directly into KIM’s community services on discharge thereby reducing disengagement on discharge; thus linking a health and social care pathway.

On the basic level the groups offer non threatening activity, fun and socialisation to patients who are vulnerable and sometimes frightened.  On another level the groups have offered patients a chance to validate their experience within the hospital and use it to promote wellbeing in others by eventually becoming volunteers and peer mentors with KIM.

 “I like coming to KIM as it makes the day go quicker, tea time comes sooner, and it’s something to tell my visitors about.  You need more recognition for what you do.”

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